Avatar The Last Airbender Soundtrack

Avatar: The Last Airbender Soundtrack – Netflix Series

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Avatar The Last Airbender Soundtrack

  1. Prologue & Main Title
  2. Aang Fights Zuko
  3. An Old Friend
  4. Zuko’s Return
  5. The Boy in the Iceberg
  6. You Are the Avatar
  7. Lu Ten’s Funeral
  8. Just the Beginning
  9. Pohuai Escape
  10. Princess Yue
  11. Suki’s Training
  12. Lowlife Bounty Hunter
  13. No Survivors
  14. Kyoshi Island
  15. Commander Zhao
  16. Earthbender
  17. Katara
  18. Omashu
  19. End Credits
  20. Moon Slayer
  21. Scorched Forest
  22. Tale of Two Lovers
  23. Memorable Journey
  24. Agna Qel’A
  25. Aang Becomes the Ocean Spirit
  26. Southern Air Temple
  27. Sky Bison

Who made Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender soundtrack?

The soundtrack was produced by Takeshi Furukawa and was released on February 22.

Takeshi Furukawa’s announcement:

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. These elements once coexisted in harmony, balanced by the Avatar, a guardian proficient in all four, tasked with maintaining global equilibrium. However, tranquility shattered when the Fire Nation launched an assault, eradicating the Air Nomads in a brutal declaration of their intent to dominate. Other Netflix series song lists is here.


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