Elite Season 5 Soundtrack List (2022)

Soundtrack List

Trailer Song

Do It Merk & Kremont & Buzz Low

Episode 1

Wild Ones – The Rassle

Ou La La La (All Eyes On Us) – Sean Van Vleet & Josh La Violette

In This Dark Time – Ora And Because Editions

Telomeres – Holstenwall

BB – Julia Lanoe, Carla Pallone

Dime – Kimberley Tell

Flerte Revival – Letrux

Yellow Jacket – Moa Moa

Moon – Thiago Pethite

Circe – Ten Girls

Episode 2

Shelter – Black Lilys

The Valley Of Unrest – Seyes

Brace Yourself – Ni/Co

Erase – Kap Bambino

I’m Not Always Where My Body Is – Aisha Devi

Bounty – Clypso

Prey/Hunter – Minuit Machine

Episode 3

Suck It To Me – Almodovar & McNamara

Stana S.A. – Almodovar & McNamara

Nacidos Para Dominar – Paralisis Permanente

Alta Tension – Alaska & Los Pegamoides

Adesso E Amora – Ennio Morricone

Resistire – Duo Dinamico

Resistire – La Bien Querida

Episode 4

Fair Enough – Word Up

Princess (Yuksek Remix) – The Supermen Lovers

Satisfied (Soundbwoy Killah Remix) – Catching Flies, Soundbwoy Killah

A Bite Of Papaya – Miynt

Cynthia – Maxwell Hunter

Autoestima (Remix) – Cupido (Feat. Lola Indigo Y Alizzz)

Big Future – Obliques

You’re The Wave – Spooky Mansion & Rose Droll

Catch Fire (Johnny Jewel Remix) – Mothermary

Roses And Gold – Biig Piig

Karmaya – Lucas Vidal

You Ain’t Takin’ My Man – Sparkle Division

Take Me With You – Monika

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