Emily In Paris Season 3 soundtrack list

Emily In Paris Season 3 Soundtrack List

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you may have missed out on one of Netflix’s hottest new shows – Emily in Paris. After two seasons of the hit show, viewers are wondering if a third installment is in the works. Emily in Paris season 3 soun Will we get to see what happens next for Emily and her Parisian adventures? Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Emily In Paris Season 3 Soundtrack

Episode 1

DOPAMOON – Reine de l’attitud

AGAV – Passion sonor

Joséphine Baker – Two Loves Have I – Original Mi

Sarah Rebecca – Whatever Happens

Episode 2

Mélanie Pain – Redis-moi

Illuminine – Dear, Dolores – Dominique Charpentier Rework

Gillian Hills – Zou bisou bisou

Nat King Cole – Smile

Dionne Warwick – Alfie

Noroy – Seuls à vivre

Episode 3

Mélanie Pain – Là ou l’été

Iliona – Une autre vie

The Vrooming Crew – Oulala

Myd – Domino

Napkey – Vitesse

Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now

The Rebels Of Tijuana – Ma jaguar


Enchantée Julia – LONGO MAÏ

Matild – Cet été

Vendredi sur Mer – Le Lac

Slove – Open Up the Sky

Episode 4

The Rebels Of Tijuana – J’adore ce flic

Brigitte Fontaine – L’amour parfait

Clea Vincent – Panama Paname

Enchantée Julia – PLUS FORT QUE MOI

Don Turi – Connection Lost

Saint Privat – Boom, boom click!

L’Impératrice – Paris

Juniore – Tes cheveux

Sarah Rebecca – Call me

Episode 5

  • SOCIAL DANCE – Parler
  • Kedam – Maria
  • Tahiti 80 – Lost in the Sound
  • Zaz – Qué vendrá
  • Nell Widmer – Humains après tout
  • Ashley Park – Mon Soleil – from “Emily in Paris” Soundtrack
  • Julia Daigle – Nanette
  • Lady Gaga – Shallow
  • Owlle – Toujours des mensonges

Emil In Paris season 1 song list

What We Know So Far About Season

The first two seasons of Emily in Paris were met with tremendous success and critical acclaim. The show follows Emily (played by Lily Collins) as she moves to Paris to help save a French marketing firm from the brink of disaster. Along the way, Emily meets some colorful characters who teach her about French culture while challenging her preconceived notions of life and love.

So far, there has been no official word from Netflix about a potential third season of Emily in Paris. However, many fans believe that due to its popularity, it is only a matter of time before more episodes are released. In fact, Collins herself has expressed interest in returning for another season if it is given the green light by Netflix executives.

Season 2 Song List Here

In addition to Collins’ enthusiasm for more episodes, some eagle-eyed viewers have noticed something interesting about one of Emily’s Instagram posts from earlier this year – specifically, that it featured an image of a plane ticket with an expiration date marked as “April 2021.” This could be interpreted as suggesting that more episodes may be on their way soon!

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