iKON – Why Why Why Song Lyrics

iKON is back, K-Pop music band new single Why Why Why (왜왜왜) lyrics.

IKON Why Why Why Lyrics

From just anybody to my love
From fate to lovers
Thought we’d be together forever without any breakup
In fact it still seems like a lie
Like you’d come back with a great big smile
Beautiful as you were
Only now I feel regret
All I did was to make your beautiful smiling face covered in tears
This isn’t what I wanted

Eventually ending up in this position, coming to this
I’m the one who messed it up
Couldn’t even protect a flower like you
All the flashing sparks in our relationship
Have turnеd into white ashes

From just anybody to my love
From fatе to lovers
Blossomed a beautiful love flower (Blossomed a flower)
Why has laughter turned into tears?
Once mine, now a