Just Say Yes – Netflix Soundtrack List

Release Date: April 2, 2021

Soundtrack List

Fell For You – Anthony Dircson & Catalina Schweighauser & Willem Laseroms

As Long As You Love Me – Anthony Dircson & Catalina Schweighauser & Willem Laseroms

Whats On Your Mind – Willem Laseroms & Dieter Kranenburg & James Bradshaw

No Way Back – Ben Adams & Willem Laseroms

Like You Do – Ben Adams & Willem Laseroms

Too Hard – Ben Adams & Willem Laseroms

The One – Ben Adams & Willem Laseroms

Skyscraper – Nigel Sean & Dieter Kranenburg & Willem Laseroms

Just Say Yes – Ben Adams & Willem Laseroms

Switch It – Ricardo Burgrust & Willem Laseroms

Hate You – Willem Laseroms & Kirsten Schneder

Just Say Yes Lyrics:

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  1. Leah Cevapla

    Anyone knows the song when she’s running away in the wedding dress, just after finding out about her sister knowing her boyfriend cheated on her? I can’t find it anywhere

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