Love Is Blind: Japan – Soundtrack List

Soundtrack List

Teaser Soundtrack

In Another Town – Daniel Holter & Matt Smith

Someone To You – BANNERS

Episode 1

1:12 Someone To You – BANNERS

4:05 Universe of Love – Krisztian Vass

6:10 World In Our Hands – The Home Of Happy

18:04 Smile For Me – Justin Tapp

20:05 Wanna Get to Know You – Gamma Skies Feat. Christine Smit

22:47 Fighters – Sture Zetterberg Feat. Andy Delos Santos (from comments!)

24:03 Nights That We Love – Amy McKnight

27:24 Live My Life in Colour – Katie Hargrove & Stevie Gold

42:25 Feels Like Home – Rosie Oddie & Filippo Cimatti

54:39 Breathe – The Home Of Happy

56:32 Keep Your Cool – Dean Wagg & Stephanie Kirkham

Episode 2

0:18 Unifying Division (Original Mix) – Corren Cavini

2:38 When I’m With You – LA Space Program

11:49 Clamorous Space – Paul Kardos

15:58 4 Jahreszeiten – SIRYUZ


25:51 Feel This Way – Rolf Klein & Lexie

35:20 Mexican Sound – NY Latino Bar Del Mar

40:10 A New Future – Joshua Smoak

42:52 Love Song – The Home Of Happy

45:52 Perfection – Christopher Dierks


54:29 Believe in me – Jason Tarver & Hugo Russo

Episode 3

0:10 Chance To Be Heard – Christina Bregazzi, Alexander D. Bachell & Samuel R. C. Sutton

3:14 Petals – Crane Lights


20:06 Bad Dream – Katie Hargrove & Stevie Gold

21:54 Do Not Let Me Go – Gamma Skies




50:19 The Flow – Maxi Menot

51:44 Passes By – Andy Muscat Feat. Paige Monroe

53:33 Exhale – Gnarly

Episode 4

0:10 Summer Girl – The Nine & Noise Candy Music


6:00 Stay Close – Espen Fahlen

10:25 Turn The Page – Matt Sierra Feat. Frank Moody


19:30 In Lieu Of You – Altitude Music

34:10 Fighters – Sture Zetterberg Feat. Andy Delos Santos

44:51 Choose To Love – Photronique

53:30 You – Thomas Bergersen Feat. Audrey Karrasch

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  1. There was a song in episode 4 that I just loved! Hoping you’re planning on continuing to update this 😀 Thanks for posting the music from the first two episodes.

    1. If you mean the song around 22:47 it is called Fighters by sture Zetterberg feat. Andy Delos Santos. Searched for it for a long time too.

  2. Me and my wife were so much time trying to find the name of the song in 1×08 min 33:00 can you help us please? haha

  3. Ep. 9 had a song towards the beginning (around 2 min). The lyrics are really clear but I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe it’s unreleased for now?

    “…or maybe I’m just seeing things
    But do you ever think about me?
    Sometimes I wish I could read your mind
    But do you ever think about me?”

  4. Who am I gonna be when you set me free? Put the chains on that you made for me…. Pick up the pieces when the sun comes up… so burn like the wildfire… don’t love me… destroy me
    I am looking for this song! !!!
    Please post it geret

  5. I’m really obsessed with the song that plays in episode 1, at 42:33 (ish), cannot find it anywhere!!

    Does someone know the name of this song? I can’t understand the whole lyrics but I’ve got:

    – “pretty little sunkissed one when I was blind,
    kisses on my forehead …?
    I want you to show me ?

    and the chorus goes like: you feel like home, it feels like home, this feels like home to me.

    I loved the song and it’s stuck on my head but can’t find it, help please. Maybe it is from an indie singer?

      1. Still looking for the song that plays in Ep 1 at around 43min.
        Lyrics go something like:
        “these are not summer days watching clouds pass
        pretty little sunkissed one
        i was blind
        this is… (can’t hear)
        i want you to show me evreything you… (can’t hear)
        you feel like home
        this feels like home”

        It sounds really lovely, but I can’t find it anywhere. Shazama and similar is no help either.

        *It is not the song written above*

  6. Does anyone know end credits song from episode 11 (last episode)? The lyrics contain “I love you I love you I love you I love you..”
    Thank you.

  7. Hello!
    Episode 5 around 30 mins mark. I could hear “I’m looking so fine, I’m looking so fine, I’m looking so fine” I think.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Are you talking about when Shuntaro and Ayano were about to see each for the first time? I found that song but it’s not on apple music or Spotify. The name is Turn The Beat Around 익스펜션 (Expansion)

  8. Season 1 Episode 1 12:43 – 13:53 It is a backgound song. “Still think about you..’soft beat plays’..still think about you…’harmonizing’…. If the timestamps are wrong, the song starts after the guy (comedian) reaction talking with the 1st girl? It is also playing when Midori is asked what her ideal man is like.

  9. Hello,

    Thank you for your terrific work.
    I’m looking for a song un episode 2 that is driving me crazy. It’s the song when RYOTARO & MOTOMI met on the bridge.
    I can’t find it anywhere. I’m going insane 😁😁😁
    Can you help please ????

    And in episode 6, the last song when they were receiving the keys to their houses.

    Help, please 🙏🙏🙏

    Thanks in advance

  10. I am desperatly looking for the classical song in episode 4 starting from min 13.20. Can’t find it anywhere but it really touched me.

  11. I am desperately looking for the songs for episode 11, especially the song when Midori & Wataru got married. Help. 😭🙏🏼

  12. I’M GOING CRAZY. Does anyone know the song that starts at 12:27 in Episode 3?!?!! I can’t find it anywhereeeeee!!!!

  13. Does anyone know the song that starts at 12:27 in Episode 3?!?!! I can’t find it anywhereeeeee!!!!

  14. Hi what the song of episode 11 final on 9.10 ????? The lyric is something like « take this chance with me » please helppppp 😭

    1. Hi, I know this was a long time ago but, I think it’s Under the Tide by Gregory David , he’s actually my partner 😄
      Apparently he has another one in Episode 5 too .,I just couldn’t find it .. it’s fake twist one..

  15. Hello! Do you know the title of the song in Episode 6 around 11:00 when Ryotaro and Motomi are on the beach? I really love it was integrated in the scene. I have been trying to find it for a month now but still no luck. Please help me 🙁

  16. Desperately looking to find out the name of the songa/artist for season 1 episode 7, 43:31 and season 1 episode 10, 31:50… Pls help me!! Thank you!

  17. Hi, does anyone know the name of the song in season 1, episode 6 at the end when they get their keys to their new home together? It’s kinda fast beat and has “I feel love, I feel love, baby, I really feel it with you.” Thanks!

    1. Hi! Did you end up finding the song? I’ve been looking for it for months! I heard in the Season 1 recap of Emily in Paris on Netflix!

  18. Rocco, I’m still having a hard time finding that song. Thanks for letting me know it’s also on Emily in Paris recap. If anyone else can help it would be greatly appreciated. I did find some of the other songs people requested. Kib- ep 1 27:24 Live My Life In Colour by Katie Hargrove & Steve Gold; Nic- couldn’t get it; KC- couldn’t get ep 2 47 min but ep 6 11 min Let It Go by Cavendish Music; Lauren Chen- ep 7 15:10min Waiting For You Jacob Steele; Greg- end of ep 4 Exhale by Gnarly; Nilo- ep 1&2 credits Exhale by Gnarly; Qhuay- ep 2 Ryataro & Moroni on bridge couldn’t get, ep 6 when they get keys(I’m also looking for it but no luck); Caro M- ep 4 13:20 couldn’t get too much background talking; Libbie- ep 11 Midori & Wataro married New Story by Christopher C. Porter/You Got What I Need by Mike Reed & Tom Howe, Aria by Jeremy Holland-Smith, Castle Tower by Cavendish Music; Anonymous & Alex ep 3 12:27 couldn’t get; Naho ep 11 9:10 Take Your Chance by Gavin Bell, Anthony Mode & Pat Stone; Candy- couldn’t get; Zuezue- ep 1 33:40 Under The Tide by Gregory David; Yang- ep 6 11:00 Let It Go by Cavendish Music; Kazu- ep 7 43:31 (might be) Feelin’ It Too by We Are The Dreamers, ep 10 31:50 This Is The Time by Hits Over Time

  19. Please help, does anyone know the song in season 1, episode 6 when they get their keys? It’s a fast beat song, “I really feel it with you.” Thanks so much!!

  20. Finally watched LIB Japan and LOVED IT! And a part of that were the song choices to accentuate the emotions of the scene. Thanks to the people maintaining this list! I have a song name request also. Episode 10, 45’15” during one of the last “can we do this ?” Talks between Midori and Wataru, there is a cover of the main theme “Someone to You” by a female vocalist, acoustic guitar accompaniment. I LOVE her slow-paced rendition of the song, so pensive, wistful and yet weighty of the momentous decision in that scene.
    Does anyone know who sang this version? And where to find? Shazam failed, Spotify has a similar version (link below) but not the one in the episode.
    HELP! Thanks in advance.

  21. Does anyone know this song on episode 2 @ the time 6:50? I can’t really use Shazam since people are talking over the song. It instrumental and it sounds chill and calming.

  22. Does anyone know the song on love is blind japan episode 6 -at 31:53 . lyrics ” look out at the blazing sun, see how it shines on everyone, makes you feel like having fun”

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