Love Is Blind Season 3 Soundtrack List

Love Is Blind Season 3 Soundtrack List

Netflix Dating Reality Show Love Is Blind Season 3 soundtrack list.

Love Is Blind Soundtrack List

Episode 1

The first episode of Love Is Blind Season 3 will be released on 19.10.2022.

1:11 We Are the Future – Flyers

3:24 Ride of Our Lives – Flyers

7:25 Safe & Sound – Nocaspace & Vade

10:49 French Toast – FLOYD WONDER

13:20 Sure Feels Good – Nick Kingsley & Daniel Farrant

14:30 It’s Our Time – Animal Island

18:40 Are You Ready for This? – Robert W. Lamond & Amy J. Swift

22:43 Love You Again – Hysteria

26:35 True Romance – The Aftershow

29:56 Everyday Sunshine – Anthony Harrison

34:10 If I Wish – Rachel Ann Weiss

36:56 Let Me Fall – Paulie Preset

38:43 New Story – Christopher C. Porter

40:47 Speed of Light – Raphael Lake

41:55 Yeah I Don’t Care – Lee Richardson & Tom Ford & Jonathan Murrill & James Cocozza

43:27 Burning Through the Cold – Drew Dvorsky, Skye Emanuel, Jimmy Howland, Genevieve Tambornino & Oceana Heartsong

47:28 I Won’t Let You Go – Raphael Lake, Anders Sohn & Loke Roche

51:25 Faint of Heart – The Strike

56:12 Your Love Is Bittersweet – Guesthouse

Episode 2

1:20 With You – Harry Lightfoot, Sabrina Altan & Louis Souyave

7:35 Influence – Hysteria

7:50 Falling in Love – Aaron Taos

16:16 Lies (feat. H. Kenneth) – Syence

19:19 Gold in the Valley – Mitis & Elle Vee

20:33 Frequency – MOA

24:33 I Got You – 7th & Hope

28:16 Nothing Left to Hide – Christopher C. Porter

31:45 Higher Love – LIBERATI

36:20 Holding on to You – Bleeding Fingers

38:10 I’ll Stop When – 5 Alarm

38:34 That Tginh You Do – Photronique

38:44 Obsesionada – Czielo

41:10 The Hunger – Lee Richardson & Tom Ford & Jonathan Murrill & James Cocozza

42:50 Breakthrough – Jeff Lewis

45:07 What It Takes (Stripped) – Daniel Saint Black

45:26 Paradise – Spirit City

47:35 I Love You No Matter What – John Coggins & Devin Moore

48:50 :’)

52:30 Future Look Like You – Guesthouse

54:49 I Just Wanna Love You – Julian De Vizio

56:39 Lifetimes – Christopher C. Porter

57:20 Moment In Time – The Born Love

59:36 Change in Me – Izzy Warner & Stevie Gold

Episode 3

1:30 Let It Hurt – Daniel Saint Black

3:33 Feel It All – Jordan Frye

7:45 Love Is A Risk – Guesthouse

12:24 Alive – Tina Parol

15:58 Crazy for You- John Coggins

22:34 We Are Golden – Raphael Lake & Aaron Levy

25:00 Next To You – Thomas Bergersen

26:23 The Best of Me – Colts Wolf

27:52 It’s Now or Never – Slow Wave & Dexter French

28:36 Come Home – Pillow

29:08 Dance – Extreme Music

32:36 All I Ever Wanted – Satelitte Mode

37:00 Chakra #5 – Blue, Pt.1 – Mel

38:31 Good Love – PJKTS

43:10 Ghost of Me – Rupert Pope & Lucy Underhill

43:33 ComeCos You Want Me – Roscoe Williamson, Oliver Price & Belle Sara Hubmle

47:29 Be Mine (Remix) – Naomi August

47:58 Don’t Ask Me Why – The Bestseller

52:43 I Needed You – Push Pop

57:14 Circles – Maze

Episode 4

0:12 Chin Up – Bloom & The Bliss

1:20 Take My Hand – Cut One & Wolfgang Black

3:40 Crazy – Hot Kicks

5:20 Drunk on You – Ameria

8:50 Show Me – Altitude Music & Joel Evans

10:45 Habanera – Lorne Balfe, Russell Emanuel & Steve Kofsky

15:54 Just What You Like (feat. Lauren Evans) – 5 Alarm

18:20 Wherever You Go I Go – Flowers Still Standing

21:30 All I Think About Is You – Hysteria

21:38 Get Free – Harry Angstrom & Jonathan Buchanan

You can request the song you are curious about with its episode and minutes.

Song Suggestions

  • Make Me Wanna Just Let Go – John Isaac Charles Coggins
  • Into The Light – Rupert Pope & Giles Palmer
  • Are You Ready for This – Robert W. Lamond & Amy J. Swift
  • Make It on My Own – Izzy Warner & Stevie Gold
  • All I Think About Is You – Hysteria
  • Only Love Can Light It Up – Up In Flames Feat. Katrina Stone.
  • Always Be Together – Orlando Roberton & Luke Roberts & Valerie Balligand & Oliver Price
  • Feeling It Now – Lee Richardson & Tom Ford & Jon Murrill & James Cocozza
  • Won’t Give Up – Lee Richardson & Tom Ford & Jonathan Murrill & James Cocozza & Sarah Norman
  • Keep This Going – Lee Richardson & Tom Ford & Jonathan Murrill & James Cocozza & Sarah Norman
  • Oh, La, La – Wizard Of Oz Feat. Erica Driscoll
  • Wake Me Up – Rupert Pope & Giles Palmer
  • I’m Feelin’ It – Rhys Stephen Fletcher, Georgina Daisy Birch & Rusty B
  • Breaking All The Rules – Jon Dix, Stephen Collins & Beck Goldsmith
  • This Love – Raphael Lake & Ben Fisher
  • All That I Need – SHIPS & Adam Janota Bzowski
  • Unbelievable (Believe It) – John Coggins, James Arthur Denton Feat. Aimee Proal
  • Secrets – Amanda Lundstedt & Andrew Gbormittah & Chritopher Andrea Fitzroy Lewis & Jake Warren
  • 1, 2, 3 Turnaround (Remastered) – Christian TV
  • We’re Lost – Roscoe Willamson & Vincent McCreith & Louise Macnamara
  • Everybody Loves the Sunshine – Animal Island

Love Is Blind Season 1&2 Soundtrack List

1- Love Is Blind Netflix – Soundtrack List

2- Love Is Blind Season 2 Soundtrack List



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  1. Please what is the song in Love is Blind – Season 3 Episode 1 – 56 minutes 40 seconds in.

    “Keep my head down, covered and quiet”.

  2. Please let me know the song at 15:50 of Season 3 Episode 3:
    “You’re like a godsend in the knick of time when I thought all was lost…”

  3. Anyone know the song in season 3 episode 5 “Cause baby you got me wrapped around your finger it’s true” its 15:20 mins in

    1. Does anyone know this song I can’t find it anywhere “Cause baby you got me wrapped around your finger it’s true” when Nancy and Bartis are eating pizza on episode 5

  4. Hey, thanks for your great work!
    Im searching for the song from episode 7, it starts around 29:40. It starts with “putting the water down the drain this isn’t happening”. Unlikely, i wasnt able to finde it bymyself. Maybe you will have more luck than me!

    1. Omg me tooo

      These are the lyrics:

      putting the water down the drain this isnt happening somebody wake me up
      I cant its just too much never would’ve guessed I know I never saw it coming you said that you were mine well then I wish you did nothing this isn’t happening

  5. Season 3e7
    Same as above 29:43

    With these lyrics

    putting the water down the drain this isnt happening somebody wake me up
    I cant its just too much never would’ve guessed I know I never saw it coming you said that you were mine well then I wish you did nothing this isn’t happening

  6. Season 3 episode 6

    Every colour falls like a heavy rain, I want to feel at all, the beauty and the pain. I need a white wall, a blank page.

    Anyone know this song. Shazam has nothing.

  7. Season 3 Episode 4 – starts around 49:29

    Bartise and Nancy talking about raven after the party. Can’t find the song anywhere.
    Lyrics go ” i didn’t know, i didn’t know what you wanted…
    I wasn’t what you wanted,
    Tear my heart all apart,
    You tell me you’ve been honest,
    And then chop me to pieces”

  8. Do you know the song in Season 3, Episode 3 ~37 minutes in? When Alexa and Brennan are at dinner. Lyrics “we are we are we are connected … you’re nothing like me and i’m nothing like you” I can’t find it anywhere 🙁

  9. 48:50
    I need to know this song. Lol
    (SK walking to the pod to propose to Raven)

    “I’m finding it hard to breathe. I’m on my knees. Won’t you pull me up? Never felt like this before…”


  10. Anyone knows the song on the season3 episode 7 at 42:00. The lyrics goes like “You need me … I’ve got control of the weather babe, Oh, now don’t you wish you were the rain”
    The song is amazing but i can’t find it.

  11. Season 3 episode 7 52 minutes into the episode when Cole and zenab are having a little disagreement there’s a song start playing goes like this ‘you’re not playin fair, fair, fair’ and then it stops 🙁

  12. What about the song in S3 E10, the outro song i think it starts at 01:08:30.
    I just can’t find it. The Lyrics start with “Fight your way, Fight for..” i really need it 🥲

  13. Song name : This isn’t happening by Simple Thieves & Chantry Smith

    For those asking the song for season 3 epi 7 at 29:44 “I can’t it’s just too much, never woulda guessed I know I never saw it coming…..this isn’t happening”

  14. What is the name of the song that plays when Nancy is sitting on the staircase talking to Bartise then they go there separate ways?

  15. Hi I’m looking for the song in season 3 episode 10 when raven is walking down the aisle. 34.17 open your eyes hypnotise everything thats magical will come.


    This isn’t happening by simple thieves and chantry smith

  17. S3E11:
    41:00 song starts a bit before that, its the song that is playing while the officiant is reading their vows and during the moment of silence!

  18. WhTs the name of the song And who sings it , in S3 E11 Hold you is what comes up but I can’t find it and I need to know who sings it. It about 1:00:44 into the show . Thank you
    Debbie Gaither

  19. S3 EP6 I can’t remember the exact time, but this played somewhere after Brennon and Alexa were on screen with the puppy.

  20. What’s the song in S3E15 transition scene 19:45. “Babe there’s something in the way you move, all the fireworks when we touch, every time i get close to you, it’s like lightning pourin’ in my blood” I tried Shazam and searching up the lyrics but nothing 🙁

  21. I’m dying to know the name of the song in S3, Episode 15, minute 11:03. Please, if anyone can help me!

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