Spider-Man No Way Home – Soundtrack

Spider Man No Way Home Soundtrack

  • De La Soul – The Magic Number (Ending Credits Song)
  • Talking Heads – I Zimbra (Opening scene Peter idenity)
  • THOMAS OLIPHANT – Deck The Halls
  • ODYSSEY – Native New Yorker
  • LIQUID LIQUID -Scraper
  • BEASTIE BOYS -No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Score List:

1 Intro to Fake News
2 World’s Worst Friendly Neighbor
3 Damage Control
4 Being a Spider Bites
5 Gone in a Flash
6 All Spell Breaks Loose
7 Otto Trouble
8 Ghost Fighter in the Sky / Beach Blanket Bro Down
9 Strange Bedfellows
10 Sling vs Bling
11 Octo Gone
12 No Good Deed
13 Exit Through the Lobby
14 A Doom With a View
15 Spider Baiting
16 Liberty Parlance
17 Monster Smash
18 Arc Reactor
19 Shield of Pain
20 Goblin His Inner Demons
21 Forget Me Knots
22 Peter Parker Picked a Perilously Precarious Profession
23 Arachnoverture

Original soundtrack by Michael Giacchino

YouTube video

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