The Queen’s Gambit Soundtrack – Song List

The Queen’s Gambit Netflix mini series soundtrack, music, song list all scenes.

The Queen’s Gambit Soundtrack


1. Main Title
2. Beth’s Story
3. Methuen Home For Children 1957
4. The Scholar’s Mate
5. You’re Gloating
6. Training With Mr. Schaibel
7. Am I Good Enough Now?
8. Playing Mr. Ganz
9. Ceiling Games
10. First Day At School
11. The Green Pills
12. Kentucky State Championship 1963
13. Top Boards
14. Playing Townes
15. Playing Beltik
16. The Lake – Cincinnati
17. Playing Benny – Las Vegas 1966
18. Two Sides Of The Same Coin
19. Mexico City Invitational 1966
20. Playing Girev I
21. Playing Girev II
22. Borgov I
23. Beth Alone
24. Ohio US Championship 1967
25. New York
26. Training With Benny
27. Paris Tournament 1967
28. Borgov II
29. Jolene!
30. Returning To Methuen
31. Turning Point
32. USSR
33. Moscow Invitational 1968
34. Close Your Eyes
35. Borgov III
36. The Final Game
37. Take It, It’s Yours
38. Sygrayem (Let’s Play)

Score (Composer) by Carlos Rafael Rivera.

Song List

Episode 1

ALFRED NEWMAN – Finale/Hallelujah

Episode 2


ERIC LE SAGE – Gymnopédie No. 1

Episode 3

Bill Compton – 25th Of The 12th

The Vogues – You’re The One

Quincy Jones – Comin’ Home Baby

Herman’s Hermits – End Of The World

Episode 4

Gabor Szabo – Somewhere I Belong

Donovan – Bert’s Blues

The Association – Along Comes Mary

Storefront Church – The Gift

Episode 5

Peggy Lee – Fever

The Monkees – Steppin’ Stone (I’m Not Your)

Zarah Leander – Ein Paar Tränen Werd’ Ich Weinen

Episode 6

Georgie Fame – Yeh Yeh

Gillian Hills – Tut Tut Tut Tut

Shocking Blue – Venus

Anna Hauss – I Can’t Remember Love

Episode 7

Laura Nyro & Labelle – Jimmy Mack

Trailer Song

Dionne Warwick – Don’t Make Me Over

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  1. What about the song in Ep6 at the bar “I remember springtime i remember when it rains…”
    Do you know if that was an original song for the show? I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. I Can’t Remember Love – Anna Haus
      Unreleased, but Anna is credited in the show as the bar singer. Great song.

  2. There’s an instrumental song in the middle of episode 5 that is not listed here. I would love to know what it is.

  3. Same. The piano instrumental with singer Anna Haus needs to be on the soundtrack. It really sets the feeling of the scene – beautifully done.
    Can’t find it. Please put it out there. TY

  4. found it!!! CLASSICAL GAS by Mason Williams (episode 5 – during the US open 67)…. excellent music, amazing 7 episodes series!!!

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