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To The Lake (aka Epidemiya) – Soundtrack List

To The Lake


Wind of Change – The 13 Brotherhood

Episode 1

Teach Me Tiger – Nino Tempo & April Stevens

Skibidi – Little Big

Fuck Az – David Baldwin, Patrick Carpenter

Get It on Like This (Explicit) – Xzibit, Demerick Shelton Ferm

Fire Escape – Lee Stafford

n Goliaths Grip – Daniel Carl Holter

Episode 2

You on The Run – The Black Angels

Teach Me Tiger – Nino Tempo & April Stevens

Alphas – Kaveh Cohen

Lover Boy – Mark Batey

Tension Building 6 – Gunnar Johnsen

Family Unfair – Bruce Fingers, Billie Ray Fingers

Deep Probe – Sound Vandal

Sod’s Law – Paul Ross Thomson

Episode 3

Teach Me Tiger – Nino Tempo & April Stevens

Cardiac Arrest – D. Todd Sorensen

Ice – Mark Dennis

Sub Boom 4 – Daniel Burrows

Death by Strangulation – Trond Bjerknaes

Sub Boom 1 – Daniel Burrows

Crucible – Steve E. Willams

Rising Synth 1 – Colin Andrew

For We Must – Guido Zen

Sub Boom 2 – Daniel Burrows

Vigilence – Stefan Rodescu

Graveyard Shift – Audio Android

Trembling Intensity – Peter Nickalls

Time to Die – Dimitris Mann

Episode 4

Teach Me Tiger – Nino Tempo & April Stevens

Cardiac Arrest – D. Todd Sorensen

Episode 5

Ice – Mark Dennis

The Glory of Victory – Frederick Wiedmann

Haunting_Facility – Scott Lemmon

Vigilence – Stefan Rodescu

Wicked Shodows – Stefan Rodescu

Subtle Riser 17 – David Connolly

Cocoon – Andrw James Prahlow

You carry me the river – Lyube, Любэ. Ты неси меня река -Thank you Jack.

Episode 6

Into the Silence 2 – Johannes Bornl

Why Can’t You Fell It – Tristan Ivemy

Episode 7

You on The Run – The Black Angels

toNika – MyHoliday

Deserted – Chee-Wei Tay

Forbidden Correlation – Niels Holland

Orbiting Attack Atmosphere – Andrew Blaney

Hello Mommy – Brewster Nolan

Tinnitus High – Harry Lightfoot

Breaking Every Barrier – Christian Andersen

Episode 8

Why Can’t You Fell It – Tristan Ivemy

-Sorry I dont know any Russian letter, that’s why I could not add Russian songs. If you leave comments I can add them. Thanks for all supports <3.

  1. Korette

    No the music is from Alexander Sokolov. It’s not Adagio in D by John Murphy or Hans Zimmer – Time.
    It’s a music created for to the lake.

  2. Agent_Orange

    The background tune for a number of scenes is a variation on John Murphy’s “In a Heartbeat” (first heard in the episode where Leonids house is broken into) and “Adagio in G” (AKA Sunshine – from the movie of the same name) – as played when the group is leaving town and saying a prayer for the man on the radio.

    But it also appears there is a version of Hanz Zimmer’s “Time” in the scene where Kolya is beaten by the villagers.


    What is the name of the song played during the double wedding in episode 8. Where can I find the translation for the words?

  4. Clester Jackson

    Episode 6 ending song is definitely a diluted version of Hans Zimmers’ “Time” no argument about it. I want copyright infringement action taken LOL. I hope.

  5. Rick Stuller

    Episode 4, about 24 minutes in, liked the song in the karaoke nightclub that they first danced to. Anyone know what that song was? Thanks

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