Who Killed Sara? Season 3 Soundtrack

Who Killed Sara? Season 3 Soundtrack List

Who Killed Sara (original title: ¿Quién Mató a Sara? also known as: ¿Qué pasó con Sara?) Season 3 – Final Season complete soundtrack list (2022).

Who Killed Sara? Final Season Soundtrack List

Trailer Soundtrack

Cruel World – ALIBI Music

Episode 1 – Who Killed Sara?

Are You Ready – BBF

Fyre – Rosie Oddie & Filippo Cimatti

We Are young – YellowBreadMusic

Episode 2 – Who Killed Sara?

Bets On Me – Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy & Wesley Eugene Smith

Pulsa – Hino Feat. Renée Moni (Buena Tarde Remix)

Episode 3 – Who Killed Sara?

Amen – Keeley Shaye

Floating Under Water – John Coggins

Ojos En El Carlo – Mint Field

Episode 4 – Who Killed Sara?

Pull Me Under – Bassline Drift & Deadly Avenger

Nympho – Enjoii & Dyzphoria

Episode 5 – Who Killed Sara?

Ven Conmigo – Christina Aguilera

Dream Team Party Kids – Sin Fang, Sóley, Orvar Smárason

Episode 6 – Who Killed Sara?

Blue – Eiffel 65

Episode 7 – Who Killed Sara?

Never Let Me Go – Sindri Mar Sigfusson

The Darkness – X-ray Dog

The Fault Lines – David O’Dowda

Drive Us Away – David O’Dowda

Wait – M83

Chasing Stars – Rupert Pope,  Giles Palmer

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