Feel Good Soundtrack List (Netflix)

Feel Good Netflix series soundtrack, song list all episodes music.

Episode 1

00:15 Charles Watson – Everything Goes Right

08:29 Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood

23:05 Paul Thomas Saunders – I’ll Come Running

24:24 Half Moon Run – Drug You


Episode 2

5:40 Young Fathers – Shame

12:10 Steve Sech – Got To Keep On Moving

Episode 3

4:05 Slow Club – The Pieces

Episode 4

4:18 Ezechiel Pailhès – Bit Hip

17:45 Helado Negro – Please Won’t Please

23:20 Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over

Episode 5

24:20 Half Moon Run – Unofferable

Episode 6

16:00 The National – Fake Empire

24:10 Charles Watson – Everything Goes Right

Season 2 song list adding website now…


Stand-up comic Mae Martin navigates a passionate, messy new relationship with her girlfriend, George, while dealing with the challenges of sobriety.

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  1. Could you tell me the song that was played when the two main characters kissed each other in the 7 minutes and 15 seconds of episode1 ???? because the music came out so short that the music search application didn’t recognize it :(…If you know, please let me know….

  2. I’m trying to find the song that plays at the very beginning of episode 6 when George is talking to Mae. This song is heard elsewhere in the season including when Mae’s dad is talking to her about her mom and to go find George. Any help?

  3. im looking for the same song! i thought it was beach house – space song.. but it was different…pretty close thou

  4. Same as Maya – looking for the song that plays at the very beginning of episode 6 when George is talking to Mae. It also plays in Episode 4 when Mae and her dad are on the pier.

  5. Hi, also looking for the song that is at the beginning of episode 6 and end of episode 3. Following to see if anyone finds it.

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