Namaste Wahala – Soundtrack List

Namaste Wahala – Kelvin Ebuka “Opdate” Otum Nanya Ijeh

I Don’t Want To Let You Go – Dwayne Gamree

Can’t Live – Nanya Ijeh

Action Film – Jude “M.I.” Abaga

Namaste Wahala (Remix) – Kelvin Ebuka “Opdate” Otum Nanya Ijeh

Pursuing Happiness – Kelvin Ebuka “Opdate” Otum Nanya Ijeh & Hamisha Daryani Ahuja & Jude “M.I.” Abaga & Mihael “Onyi” Uzoma

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  1. Great movie. It was delightful! I commend the boldness to tackle such an important issue in today’s society – racial bias! A+++

    s/n the end song is pretty. I like it

  2. Thé movie was great….since Yesterday After watching it, I still looking for that song, such a peace song: pursuing happiness. So where I Can find it…..? Where we Can find a vidéo… tell you the truth, for now, I ve made a vidéo of my TV end of the movie

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