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The Witcher: Blood Origin Soundtrack List

Official soundtrack composer by Bear Mccreary. The Witcher: Blood Origin album vocal songs featuring Sophia Brown & Minee Mais. Series release date December 25 only on Netflix.

The Witcher Blood Origin Soundtrack

  1. The Story of the First Witcher
  2. The Black Rose ( feat . Sophia Brown )
  3. Meldof and Gwen
  4. Eile & Fjall
  5. Misleading the Enemy
  6. Tormented Lovers
  7. Away You Hunters ( feat . Minee Mais )
  8. Merwyn of Xintrea
  9. Scian’s Camp
  10. Balor
  11. Zacaré the Healer
  12. Into the Misty Marsh
  13. Awakening
  14. The Hydra
  15. To a New Beginning
  16. The Echo and the River ( feat . Sophia Brown )
  17. Two Standing Stones ( feat . Sophia Brown )

Abother Playing Songs in Blood Origin

Episode 1

Not released yet.

We’ve all learned the other day that Henry Cavill will no longer be taking on the role of Witcher. After these events, the situation of the Witcher universe on Netflix became a matter of curiosity. According to the first reviews of the series, it seems like we will watch an above-average production.

Here’s a song playing in the trailerHere’s a song playing in the trailer:

Burn Ellie Goulding Trailerized TF NO ORCH – Pitch Hammer

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