Dark Desire Season 2 – Soundtrack List

Dark Desire season 2 soundtrack all episodes with timelapse.

Dark Desire Season 2 Soundtrack

Episode 1

0:18 Wired – Mats Nyman

1:30 Spirall – Eric Tannery, Jeffrey Fayman, Yoav Goren

3:52 Dark Mirror – Andrii Yefymov

4:04 Oblique – Eric Tannery, Jeffrey Fayman, Yoav Goren

6:08 Out of This World – Andrea Filippucci

8:34 Frial Shadow – Alessandro Sikander Saini

13:50 Running Out of Time – Jelle Dittmar

17:52 & 20:25 & 21:45 Betray The Queen – Tom Gire

20:59 Michael Row Your Boat Ashore – Raise

22:35 Amazing Grace – Freddy Canedo

25:25 Minimal Lonely Pattern Intimate – Gabriel Brosteanu

27:13 Minimal Suspense Pattern Cinematic – Gabriel Brosteanu

28:53 High Time – Alexander Andrew Lamy

31:19 Beneath – Richard Gale

Fractured Lies – Saini, Alessandro Sikander

32:42 Your Wicked Ways – Becky Shaheen (Drew J Lerdal, Rebecca Anne Shaheen)

Episode 2

This World Is Not My Home -Doug Beiden (BMI) 59, Ken Brian Lewis (BMI) 25, Scott Dente (BMI) 25

Thoughtful Wanderer – Richard W. L. Ram

Twp Sides – Owen Barnaby (PRS) 50, Freddie Dickson (PRS) 50

Sacrificial March – Dawi Tudor Jones

Dead Dead Calmn – Mark Coupe, Eamon Patrick Downes

The Lion and The Lamb – Ronnie W. Verboom

Overcome Anything – Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

Immerson – James Hayto, James Jackman

Ashes of Resurrection – Jelle Dittmar

Streets of Copenhagen – Anders Kampe

Pulse Tensipn – Angus Macrae

All Warfare In Deception – Joseph M. Saba, Stewart J. Winter

Heart Treachery – Benoit De Villeneueve, Benjamin Morando

I’ve Been Waiting For You – Niklas Edberger, Anders Kampe

Bloc – Knightstown, Thomas Alfeu Macmagha Aston

Survive For Your Love – Knives At Sea, Rider

River of Memories – Stefano Ruggeri

Lift Off – Thomas B. Onderwater

Now Here – Andrea Filippucci

All These Things – Sarah Hart, Scott Dente, Ken Lewis

Episode 3

Dark Moon – David Joseph Wesley

The Taker – Robert Gergely

Time Running Out – Jen Scaturro

Minimal Cold Intimate – Gabriel Brosteanu

Inside A Dark Mind – Jen Scaturro

Dark Mirror – Andrii Yefymov

Ice Cold – Arthur Dominic Phillips

Mirrored Minds – Michael Walters

The Search of The Century – Jarkko Hietanen

The Day After -Arthur Pochon

Running Out of Time – Jelle Dittmar

Michael Row Your Boat Ashore – Chris Wade

Minimal Suspense Pattern Cinematic – Gabriel Brosteanu

Stronger Belief – Ronnie W. Verboom

Don’t Play – Rik Van der Wouw, Rebecca Felicitas Josephina Kreyenberg

What Would You Say To the Dark – Drew J Lerdal, Rebecca Anne Shaheen

Under Oath – Norman Wille, Sebastian Jakoby, Chromaco

Episode 4

Fractured Lies – Alessandro Sikander Saini

Intrigue Played Out – Angus Macrae

Help Me Understand – Christina Dunham

Streets of Copenhagen – Andres Kampe

Dark City – Angus Macrae, Thom Robson

Gravitacional Forces – Drea J Lerdal

The Moment – Sam Swallow

Above The Horizon – Stefano Ruggeri

Mirror Minds – Michael Walters

The Listener – Angus Macrae

Episode 5

Encounter – Dean Valentine

The Stockholm Connection – Anders Kampe

Hypnotique – Christian Dunham

Be Mine – Drew J Lerdal, Jamison Tyler Murphy

From Beyond – William Paul Werwath

Capture – Mats Nyman

Minimal Dark Pattern Intimate – Gabriel Brosteanu

Worlds Away – David Joseph Wesley

Tears Of Blood – David Joseph Wesley

Beneath The Surface – Ian Arber

Dark Fiction – Anders Kampe

Raise My Hands Up – Jimmy Kaleth, Ray Flowers

The Day After – Arthur Pochon

Episode 6

The Truth – John Brant

Dark City – Angus Macrae, Thom Robson

Mirrored Minds – Michael Walters

Dark Fiction – Anders Kampe

Frail Shadow – Alessandro Sikander Saini

The Discovery – Dean Valentine

Viking Storm – Anders Kampe

Fugue State – Peter Wilson-Lambert

This Amazing Operative – Angus Macrae

Enigmatic Motion – James Hayto, James Jackman

The Listener – Angus Macrae

Wild One – Alicia Ann Christerson

The Hanged Man – Angus Macrae

Minimal Dread Cinematic – Gabriel Brosteanu

Under Duress – Andrew John Skeet, Nathan William Klein

Episode 7

Epica – Mats Nyman

Retracing The Steps – Toon Habraken, Gijs Van Amelsvoort, Jesse Maasdam

Seis Pistoleros – Cecilia Brizuela, Byron Brizuela, Enrique Carbajal

Forgotten Land Part1 – Stevie B-Zet, Ralf Hildenbeutel

Aunque Tu No Lo Sepas – Cecilia Brizuela, Byron Brizuela, Leonarda Gama

Dancing In The Dark – Richard Mead

Dark City – Angus Macrae, Thom Robson

Minimal Suspense Pattern Cinematic – Gabriel Brosteanu

Pulse Tension – Angus Macrae

Psycho Tension – Murat Nagoev

Tension Point Hit 02 – Diego Stocco

Revelation – Stevie B-Zet, Ralf Hildenbeutel

Minimal Lonely Intimate – Gabriel Brosteanu

Intrigue Played Out – Angus Macrae

Unclear Intentions – John Brant

Bloc – Aston Knightstown, Thomas Alfeu Macmagha

Tricks and Treats – Roonie W Verboom

Capture – Mats Nyman

Not The Place For Me – Andrea Filippucci

Working The Case – Pete Wilsom

Lacuna Shift – Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

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  1. Cine canta melodia de la inceputul epidodului 2 sezonul 2 ?? Momentul in care Alma il vede pe Dario cu Julietta si momentul in care Dario este in hotel cu Julietta???

  2. Where can I find the music I from the beginning oh the 9th episode : the few first seconds where the man is running away ????

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