Dark Desire – Soundtrack List

Dark Desire


Time Traveler – ALIBI Music

Episode 1

Backwards – Music Beyond

Carry Me – COMODO

Timeless – Psyrotica

A la Guerre comme à l’Amour – Juliette Armanet

Episode 2

Ghost Town – Selectracks

I’m Losing Control – X-Ray Dog

Episode 3

Obsession – Beds And Beats

Body To Body – X-Ray Dog

Episode 4

Two Waves – The Prams

Rescue – COMODO

Episode 5

13:10 (?)

Episode 6

My Dark Side – Music Beyond

Scars – Music Beyond

Backwards – Music Beyond

Episode 7

Slowly – Martha Rosalind Hannah Bean

Episode 8

Birds – Audrey Morgan

Episode 9

Luxat – Immediate Music

Spinning Around

Episode 10

Blind Will Lead the Blind – Must Save Jane

Episode 11

When You’re Smiling – Louis Armstrong

How Beatiful It Is – Martha Rosalind Hannah Bean & Kid Juggernaut

Episode 12

Confession Room – Tale Music

Dark Moon – Music Beyond

Episode 13

5:00 (?)

Rogue Moon – Justine Barker

Episode 14

Fright Night – Nicky Neon

Episode 15

Insomnia – Giovanni Rotondo

Lonely Play – Markus Schmidt

From This Place – Attitude Music

Episode 16

Episode 17

Abandoned – FRAUDS

Episode 18

Awkward Investigation – Patryk Scelina

  1. Annika

    I am desperate to find that soundtrack, which is in season 1 epsiode 2, beginning on 14:00 minutea and lasts only 1:00 minute, where Alma goes to the shower and dreams about the moments together with Dario. This song is so powerful. Anybody can help me?? 🙁

  2. Jenn

    I am looking for the song that is played in the last episode at about 7 minutes 30 seconds left. It’s a female singer. She says: can’t stop losing control, capture my body capture my soul. I looked all over google and cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated!!!!!

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