First Kill Soundtrack

First Kill Soundtrack List Netflix (2022)

Original Netflix series First Kill (original title: First Kill, also known as Primeira Morte) Season 1 complete soundtrack list (2022).

First Kill Soundtrack List

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Spotify Soundtrack List: First Kill Soundtrack

Trailer Soundtrack

Last Mistake – Rob Cass & Joseph Taylor

Home – Dope Saint Jude

Little Intrigues – Alibi Music Feat. René Osmanczyk

The first episode will be released on 10.06.2022.

Episode 1 – First Kill

0:07 The Zombie Song – Stephanie Mabey

1:15 Hopprock – Madlib

2:20 Insane (Bad Owl Remix) – Kinney

4:46 Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

7:18 PANTY DROP – Zorro

8:19 Curious – Shameka Dwight

10:18 Juliette Flirts with Cal – Kurt Farquhar Feat. D’Anna Stewart & BARii

15:59 Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know – Grace VanderWaal

17:20 Lil’ Drop – MASA & J.Kelr

20:18 Burden Down – NineOneOne

22:21 Live It Up – Dario Comuzzi & Michelle L. Ojeda

23:42 Slumber Part – Ashnikko Feat. Princess Nokia

27:15 Blood Lust Wins – Kurt Farquhar Feat. D’Anna Stewart & BARii

27:43 GEAUX – MK xyz

30:20 The Place I Feel Normal – Kurt Farquhar Feat. BARii

31:30 Sneak Dissin’ – SuNWhoa Love

34:54 I Still Taste Fire – Stephanie Mabey

41:26 Soldier Of Love – Sade

45:57 Blood Lust Wins – Kurt Farquhar Feat. D’Anna Stewart & BARii

Episode 2 – First Kill

0:09 The Zombie Song – Stephanie Mabey

1:18 I Think You’re The Devil – Elle Duke

16:30 Love Love – The Mighty Tears Of Joy

26:50 Devil Knows My Name – Itay Steinberg, Harel Tsemah & Ben Goldstein

32:40 Temporal Anomaly – TK Rhodes Feat. Bad Owl

34:20 The Tower – Merry Ellen Kirk

35:50 Tug O War – Shameka Dwight

39:28 Last Forever – The Soul of John Black

49:51 Blood Lust Wins – Kurt Farquhar Feat. D’Anna Stewart & BARii

Episode 3 – First Kill

1:36 Chasing The Thrill – Leslie Mendelson


13:25 Send Me to Hell – The Barrows

13:35 Big Stepper – D’Anna Stewart Feat. SuNWhoa Love

17:51 Hangin’ – Shameka Dwight

23:31 MONEY SPELL – Govales

Episode 4 First Kill

1:23 Suddenly – Larisa Gosla

11:14 She is a Killer – Unknown Artist


29:22 Live it Up – Dario Comuzzi;Michelle L. Ojeda

31:54 Alive – The Spades;Bad Owl

32:22 Portland – King Cassius & Zmny

38:01 ‘Til You Say So – Stephanie Mabey

Episode 5

“Jailbird” by Tiffany Lee
“Sweet Talk” by Tyra Chantey
“The Zombie Song” by Stephanie Mabey

Episode 6

“Mad Gaal” by BEAM
“bury a friend” by Billie Eilish
“Dark Side” by JOLENE
“Always” by Shameka Dwight
“Call on the Moon” by D’Anna Stewart
“Little Moon” by Gone Gone Beyond & The Human Experience

Episode 7

“Murder Me” by Leslie Mendelson
“Breakout Season” by SuNWhoa Love
“In Too Deep” by Gone Gone Beyond & The Human Experience Feat. Kat Factor
“Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” by Shania Twain
“My Sweet Demise” by Sunny War & Particle Kid
“Lonely Fool” by 5 Alarm Feat. Scarlett Burke

Episode 8

“Snowflakes” by Christoffer Franzen
“Hush” by The Marías
“The Devil’s Bride” by Jay Price
“The Monster” by Heather Evans
“Love Affair” by Shameka Dwight
“16 Shots” by Stefflon Don

IMDB: First Kill

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