The Mandalorian Soundtrack – Season 1

A Disney Plus series The Mandalorian season 1 all chapters soundtrack. Sons by Ludwig Goransson.

The Mandalorian Soundtrack


Episode 1

Hey Mando!
Face to Face
Back for Beskar
Blurg Attack
You Are a Mandalorian
Bounty Droid
The Asset
The Mandalorian

Episode 2

Walking on Mud
Jawas Attack
Trashed Crest
To the Jawas
The Egg
The Mudhorn
The Next Journey

Episode 3

New Day
Mandalore Way
Signet Forging
Second Thoughts
Whistling Bird
Mando Rescue
I Need One of Those

Episode 4

The Ponds of Sorgan
Off the Grid
Can I Feed Him?
Training the Plebs
Camp Attack
Spirit of the Woods
Mando Says Goodbye

Episode 5

Warm or Cold
Bright Eyes
Stuck with Me Now
Night Riders
The Hangar

Episode 6

Welcome Back
The Gang
Greatest Warriors in the Galaxy
Let’s Just Do It
Little Mousey
Tracking Beacon
My Saviour
Mando on the Move
Nice Family
Mando’s Back

Episode 7

Man of Honour
The Standoff
Black Skies
This Is It
The Arrival
The Mandalorian

Episode 8

Check Point
Nurse Droid
The Ewebb
A Thousand Tears
Nurse and Protect
A Warrior’s Death
What Remains in the Tunnels
Clan of Two
Mando Flies
The Baby

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