Freud Netflix – Soundtrack List

Episode 1

41:32 Ha ! Noch Einen Ganzen Tag ! – Gunter Neuhold

55:02 Nocturne – Stefan Will & Marco Dreckkötter

Freud (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. Nocturne (2:36)
2. Farewell (1:12)
3. The Ritual (1:56)
4. Escalation (1:46)
5. Fleur’s Mission (1:22)
6. Bowling (2:07)
7. Hungarian Horsemen (2:33)
8. Deepest Desire (3:06)
9. Atropa (2:22)
10. Corruption & Lies (0:59)
11. Siren Call (1:19)
12. Taltos (2:20)
13. Change the World (1:42)
14. The Asylum (0:37)
15. Krampus (1:57)
16. Grotesque (0:40)
17. A Beastly Transformation (2:19)
18. Kiss (3:45)
19. Devil’s Theme (2:13)
20. Snow (5:20)
21. Alternative Ending (3:28)
22. Confusion (3:28)
23. Szpilman’s Theme (1:31)

Freud Netflix

Young psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, investigates a murder conspiracy in 1880’s Vienna.


Stars: Robert FinsterElla RumpfGeorg Friedrich

  1. evet benim

    Merhaba, 1. bölüm 39. dakikada kızın piyanoyla çaldığı şarkıyı bulmamıza yardım eder misiniz? Çok aradık, bulamıyoruz, lütfen! 🙂

  2. Matt

    Does anybody know what is the song player by the girl on piano in the first episode? At the minute 39, if i’m not mistaken. There are a teacher with her and his brother arrives.

  3. Mike

    Hey Matt,

    I am looking for the same. It is the piece that Clara, the girl, is practicing in her piano lesson.

    Would be great to know what that is. I couldn’t find it so far.

  4. TKaya

    Hello to everyone! I found the melody that Clara played in the piano lesson as we listened in the series. However, it is not at this speed in iTunes, its original version is faster and it is a 30 second melody. I liked it as it was in the series. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/QLZ1z5Um9eI Schumann: Kinderszennes Op.15 3. Hasche Mann
    Stay home stay safe!

  5. Matt

    TKaya, thank you very much!! Shazam couldn’t find it. This song is really, really beautiful! Mike, that’s it!

    Best regards from Brazil!

    Stay home stay safe!

  6. Jonas

    Wie heißt das klassische Stück, dass bei Freud in Folge 5 ab Minute 29:00 im Hintergrund läuft (Freud in Klinik)?
    Ich will das Stück unbedingt auf Klavier üben aber komm einfach nicht auf den Namen, bitte helft mir!:D

  7. clement

    Hi some one know the piano beat on episode 5 pulsion at 29 min, i cant find the music, and shazam dont work, thank you very much

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